Edgware Community Association

Preserving Heritage, Building Tomorrow Together

Edgware Community Association is dedicated to protect Edgware’s identity, heritage and welfare . Edgware is situated in the boroughs of Barnet and Harrow and comprises the wards of Burnt Oak, Canons, Edgware (in Barnet), Edgware (in Harrow) and Edgwarebury. We seek to represent the interest of residents in both boroughs.  

The recent Ballymore / TfL proposal to erect 31 buildings including 25 high-rise tower blocks, accommodating approximately c10000 residents on the site of the Edgware shopping centre and car park, has sparked our immediate attention and concern regarding the scale and impact of this development on our suburban environment and our conservation areas.

Our association is driven by a passionate commitment to preserving Edgware’s character and ensuring the well-being of our residents.

We will engage with local authorities, other public service organisations, developers, and residents to advocate for outcomes that prioritise the long-term sustainability and livability of Edgware and the interests of our community.

We will not get involved with disputes between neighbours, unless the matter could create a precedent that would be detrimental to the wider community.

We aim to foster collaboration and inclusivity, welcoming residents from all walks of life and all parts of Edgware to join us in shaping the future of our area. Together, we  will seek to ensure that Edgware continues to be a place where history, diversity, and community spirit thrive. 

We are non-political and will challenge representatives of any political party or group where we believe local community interests are threatened. 

Read Ballymore's Edgware Plan
  • 25 Tower Blocks, up to 29 storeys high
  • c10,000 new people, 50% increase
  • Demolition of enclosed Bus Station
  • Underground Bus Garage is a fire risk
  • Destroying Deans Brook Nature Reserve
  • Taking away the commuter car park and reducing shopper’s parking by 70%
  • Broadwalk shopping centre demolished without any replacement during the first 4-5 years of construction.
  • Changing  the character of Edgware
  • Overwhelm local infrastructure
  • Loss of enclosed bus station
  • Dangerous underground bus garage
  • 10 years of construction and increased traffic and congestion
  • Impact on wildlife in Deans Brook